If you are employed in the construction industry, a myriad of hazards may be present in the workplace, such as falling from a roof or suffering from electrical shock. These accidents may result in a number of injuries and some, such as traumatic brain injuries, can have particularly damaging consequences. In San Bernardino, and on construction sites all over California, construction workers should take safety precautions to protect themselves from a head injury. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we know how these injuries turn lives upside down.

Whether you hit your head after falling off of a ladder or are struck by falling debris or equipment, brain injuries happen in many ways. In the construction trades, the brain injury risk is especially high when compared to certain other industries and you should take steps to protect your head. For example, you should wear hard hats when required and watch out for any potential hazards. Unfortunately, this can be difficult, especially when you are working in loud areas for long periods of time and other people fail to pay attention.

After experiencing a head injury, you could suffer a plethora of setbacks, from job loss to memory difficulties and persistent headaches. If you are trying to work through any of these troubles after suffering a head injury on the job, you may want to explore the possible advantages of workers’ compensation. If you head over to our page on workers’ comp, additional information related to recovering from a construction site accident can be found.