When it comes to construction, workers in various trades face a number of hazards. For example, electricians may suffer from electrical shock or a carpenter may fall from a roof. However, those whose job places them in a highway work zone may also face a number of threats and could find themselves seriously hurt or killed. In San Bernardino, California, it is crucial for those who work in these zones and drivers who pass through them to understand which steps can be taken to prevent an accident.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published information regarding the prevention of highway work zone accidents and outlined a number of steps that workers can take to avoid a mishap. If you work in these zones, you should make sure that channelizing devices are maintained correctly and free from any marks or stains, to ensure that they are visible to drivers. Moreover, you should make sure that all devices used to control traffic are always placed in the correct location. If you notice any potential problems on the job, you should immediately address the situation, whether you can resolve it yourself or need to speak with your supervisor.

Sadly, workers are often unable to prevent work zone accidents when drunk or careless drivers act irresponsibly. These incidents frequently create permanent challenges for road construction workers and it is essential for you to explore your options if you are hurt. For example, you could be able to gain access to workers’ compensation benefits.