Whether someone who works in an office is hurt after slipping on the floor or a construction worker suffers an injury due to electrocution or falling, there are a large number of workplace accidents in San Bernardino, California, and across the country. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we are also aware of the risks that mail carriers face. If you work as a mail carrier, it is vital to recognize potential risks and address a work-related injury immediately.

As someone who delivers mail, you may face different on-the-job threats each day. For example, you may be involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving a delivery truck. However, you may also be hurt while delivering mail on foot, whether you are struck by a drunk driver or attacked by someone’s vicious dog. Regardless of the reason why you suffer a workplace injury, knowing your rights is indispensable.

After suffering an injury at work, your life may change for the worse in diverse ways. Not only do financial problems arise due to medical costs and lost wages, but you may have mental trauma, serious physical pain and other hardships. Worse yet, if a workplace accident claims your life, your family may never be able to recover.

Depending on the details surrounding your on-the-job accident, numerous options may be on the table. If you visit our workers’ compensation page, you can read even more on some of the ways that people who are hurt at work can try to move forward from the incident.