When on-the-job accidents take place, workers who sustain injuries may have their lives change in many ways. If you were hurt in any type of jobsite accident, whether the injury occurred in an office or a construction zone, you should instantly examine your options and any tools that may help you recover. If you live in San Bernardino, you should familiarize yourself with workers’ comp laws in California and understand how certain details, such as alcohol intoxication, could affect your case.

According to the California Department of Human Resources, you will be unable to obtain workers’ compensation benefits if your workplace injury took place because you were intoxicated by alcohol or unlawful drug use. However, if you were hurt in an on-the-job accident and were drunk but the accident was not caused by your drinking in any way, you may want to explore your options. Sometimes, employees are hurt at work through no fault of their own, even if they are under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

After sustaining an injury at work, your life could be thrown into chaos. If possible, obtaining workers’ compensation benefits could be advantageous in many ways (monetary compensation, help with medical costs, and so forth). As a result, you should immediately take a look at workers’ comp requirements if you have found yourself in this difficult position.

This post was put together solely for offering helpful information on alcohol use and workers’ compensation and is not to be viewed as any kind of alternative to legal counsel.