When you think of long-term disability care in California, you most likely think of the monetary costs for doctor’s visits, surgeries, nursing facilities, prescription medication and medical assistance. While these can be hefty and cost several thousand dollars each year, we at Kampf Schiavone and Associates know that there are other costs that are not often mentioned and cannot be factored with a calculator.


LifeHappens.org describes the effects that providing long-term disability care for a loved one can have on your life, your health and your career. One of the most likely areas to be affected is your mental health. Heart disease, anxiety and hypertension are all conditions claimed by those offering care. They also find that their sleep and energy levels are affected. The biggest possible effect on your mental health can be depression. Anywhere from 40 and 70 percent of those in a caregiving position find themselves struggling with significant symptoms of the condition.


While the effect on your mental health can be great, the impact on your career can be even greater. Almost 70 percent of caregivers are forced to make accommodations at work to allow time for their new responsibilities, with 9 percent changing jobs or hours and 17 percent taking a leave of absence. A negative impact on their careers was reported by 60 percent of respondents, with 5 percent being forced to turn down promotions. If you are required to leave your career to provide care, this could mean a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in income and benefits.


Health insurance and government programs can offer some relief, but there is much that falls on the shoulders of the caregiver. In order to learn more about the effect that providing long-term care may have on you, visit our web page.