Decades ago, a diagnosis with cerebral palsy usually meant a child would have limited options in the future. Medicine wasn’t able to do much for children who developed this condition, either due to a birth injury or issues en utero. Thankfully, modern medicine has made some impressive advances for those with this condition.

There are mobility devices that can help accommodate issues with reduced balance or motor function. There are treatments that can reduce pain and help your child develop more independent function. With access to the best care, your child can live a healthy and happy life.

One of the most important factors in a child’s prognosis is the level of skill and individualized attention involved in creating the treatment plan. Your child will need a medical team of experts, including a general practice pediatrician, a neurologist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a speech and language pathologist. All of these experts together can help your child improve motor function, independence and overall quality of life. The more severe your child’s symptoms, the more important early and ongoing interventions become.

Children with cerebral palsy need a comprehensive treatment plan

Every child with cerebral palsy faces different issues and complications. There are degrees of severity, as well as associative conditions that could accompany the cerebral palsy. That’s why your family should work with medical professionals to help create an individualized comprehensive treatment plan. This plan should look at your child’s symptoms and abilities and lay out ideas and treatment goals for short term and long term care for your child.

After the cerebral palsy diagnosis, your child should receive a variety of services to improve function and reduce symptoms. A physical therapist, for example, can help your child improve both gross and fine motor function with exercise and manual manipulations. A speech and language pathologist can help your child overcome issues with speech, allowing for better communication. A neurologist can track brain function and the overall impact of neurological conditions, like cerebral palsy. By creating a comprehensive treatment plan, all of these professionals can work together to help your child.

An attorney can help you connect with the medical care you need

Getting the best possible medical care for your child with cerebral palsy can impact your entire family’s future. In cases where cerebral palsy is the result of a birth injury or medical malpractice, the malpractice insurance of the doctor involved should provide for the medical care of your child. Working with an experienced California attorney who understands birth injuries and medical malpractice can improve your odds of receiving adequate compensation for a preventable condition like cerebral palsy.