We have gone over many of the different risk factors associated with workplace accidents, such as machinery that might be dangerous or working in high places. However, there are even more potential problem areas that can lead to a workplace accident, such as the seasonal flu or another illness. If you were hurt at work while you were sick, you should still pursue any options that are able to help you move on, such as workers’ compensation.

The seasonal flu and other illnesses can lead to an on the job accident in many different ways. For one, those who are suffering due to being sick may be unable to sleep at night, which could affect their performance on the job due to fatigue. Furthermore, the illness could cause various symptoms, such as headaches, that can affect their ability to concentrate and react swiftly, thereby increasing the chances of a workplace accident. Finally, some people become drowsy because of medication they took to help with their illness.

Often, workers are able to avoid work accidents by staying home while sick. However, this is not always possible for various reasons. For example, a worker may fall ill in a very short period of time, or find themselves working while sick for other reasons. If you or someone who is close to you sustained an injury at work because of an illness or another reason, it is vital to explore your options. Please head over to our workplace injuries for more on recovering from a work accident.