This blog has gone over many types of fatal workplace accidents, whether they involve heights or toxic chemicals. However, on-the-job accidents that involve vehicles often have especially tragic outcomes in San Bernardino, California. While many workers whose job involves driving pass away after colliding with another vehicle, such as a taxi driver losing his or her life in a head-on crash or a trucker passing away after being hit by another truck, there are many other ways that fatal work accidents involving vehicles can occur.

An accident that recently took place in Santa Barbara County resulted in the death of a vineyard worker. According to fire department officials, the worker lost his life after becoming trapped by a truck when he was attempting to put a forklift on the trailer. The accident, which took place after 11:30 on a Thursday morning, claimed the 70-year-old man’s life at the scene.

The incident was reported to the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, since officials deem the mishap a workplace injury. Officials from multiple agencies, including the Santa Barbara County Fire Department and California Highway Patrol, responded to the accident, which occurred close to Lompoc.

Losing a family member to a job site mishap can be incredibly painful, but relatives should not allow their lives to be further shattered by failing to take advantage of resources that may be able to help them. While nothing can replace the life of their loved one, workers’ comp may offer certain benefits that could be valuable. Moreover, some benefit from talking to an attorney about the accident.

Source:, “Identity of man killed in Lompoc workplace accident released,” Sept. 21, 2017