On this blog, we have addressed many of the different factors that contribute to workplace accidents, from wet floors to repetitive strain and dangerous equipment. However, our law firm also knows that weather can play a role in workplace accidents in San Bernardino, as well as other California areas. From extreme heat to heavy rainfall and other weather events, workers may need to be mindful of the potential risks associated with weather.

In colder regions, ice and snow can lead to accidents at work, from those which occur on the road to slip and fall incidents. However, weather can also wreak havoc in places that never receive snowfall. For example, heavy winds may whip up dust, interfering with a driver’s ability to see the road and ultimately leading to a collision. Or, a worker may become electrocuted on a construction site because it is raining or because of a small pool of water that has formed after a period of rainfall. Moreover, workers may have a heat stroke or suffer in other ways because of severe heat.

Sometimes, weather-related accidents occur even if a worker is sensible and does what they can to avoid a mishap. Weather conditions can change in a very short period of time and some accidents could not have been avoided. For an injured worker, going over any tools that can help them move on, such as workers’ compensation, is instrumental. If you go on over to our workers’ comp page, you will be able to read further information connected to on-the-job accidents.