If you have a child in a California high school who plays football, you may be aware of all the news lately about high school sports injuries. This may make you concerned for the well-being and safety of your football player. You may be especially concerned about brain injuries. Concussions, for example, are quite prevalent in this sport. Could your child die from playing football due to a brain injury?

ABC reports an alarming rise in high school sports injuries. While it is not a sharp rise, just knowing that injuries are becoming more common is a cause for concern. Brain and spinal cord injuries, specifically, are leading to the deaths of dozens of football players each year. While the rate has been rising recently, it still is lower than the rates from decades ago. 

Improvements in medical care and safety equipment, along with rule changes, actually make the sport safer now than in the 1960s or 70s. Still, most head injuries occur during play on the field when a player is tackled or tackling another player. The positions most at risk are linebackers and running backs. 

Concussions also seem to be important. Studies show players who have had a previous concussion may have an increased risk to die from another brain injuries on the field. 

Your child’s health and safety are important, which is why regulations and rules are constantly changing. Your child’s coaches and school administrators may implement new rules to reduce the risk of football head injuries, but it is your job to ensure the rules are followed by your child. This information is for education and is not legal advice.