Your own injuries are often things that are inherently easy to understand and process. If you broke your arm, for example, you might seek medical attention, process your doctor’s diagnosis and, if applicable, seek compensation from the party responsible for the event. Many of these accidents happen every day in California. While they are serious matters, your own injuries would rarely be as confusing and enraging as those that affect your loved ones. 

It Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we understand that people who have to go to court on behalf of someone else have an entirely different set of emotional concerns. That is why we temper our tough negotiating and litigating styles with compassion for our clients’ situations. We believe that it is only by listening and discussion that we can understand the depth of the psychological and physical traumas involved in each case and seek compensation commensurate with the needs of each client.

You are probably familiar with many of the tragedies that lead to the type of situation in which someone is pursuing a civil for someone else. The three main situations are loss of life, an under-aged injured party or when the event is so severe that the victim is unconscious or otherwise unable to make legal decisions.

By the time many of our clients come to us, they have already dealt with many procedural and official matters. However, we have also seen people who are starting at the very beginning, unsure if they even have the ability or grounds to pursue the case.

Is only natural to experience feelings of confusion, loss and anger at the injury of one of your loved ones. However, we believe it is important to channel these emotions into positive action on behalf of the injured party. Please read on for more information by navigating to our main website.