When people receive a job-related injury in California, their first priority should be getting the medical help they need. Then, as soon as they are able, they should notify their employer of what has happened if their employer is not already aware. Their documentation should include a timeline of what has happened and their case should be filed immediately after to keep the process moving along before it is too late. 

One of the aspects of a thorough workers’ compensation plan is vocational rehabilitation. This resource is made available to people whose injuries require a degree of therapy to help them regain their original function in order to effectively and safely perform their job functions. This rehabilitation can involve physical therapy and additional job training. 

According to rehabselect.net, vocational rehabilitation, and physical therapy to be specific provide those who utilize the resource with many benefits. Physical therapy allows people to support and expedite the process of overcoming their injury. While rest and proper medical care are critical to a person’s ability to heal, the implementation of a customized therapy program can help an injured person acquire the clearance they need to return to work at a faster and more productive rate. 

Careeronestop says that injured employees who rely on vocational rehabilitation as part of their recovery can also ask for assistance with job placement if they are unable to go back to the job they had when their injury happened. Other services may include counseling and educational opportunities for job retention and training.