According to Worldcare, some states and illnesses are difficult to diagnose. Cancer is among the most misdiagnosed afflictions. The Journal of Clinical Oncology states that doctors may misdiagnose or miss certain types of cancer. Similarly, a heart attack may get diagnosed as indigestion or anxiety. When someone suffers from a cardiac episode, it may be detrimental if they do not get treated in time. Therefore, when a patient doubts the health of their hearts, they should insist on getting a second medical opinion. 

Similarly, depression may get misdiagnosed. Most of the doctors lack the necessary training needed to diagnose and treat some mental illnesses. Depression may often get mistaken and dismissed as a phase or mood. Therefore, individuals suffering from depression may have a hard time getting the needed help. Furthermore, a stroke may often get misdiagnosed. Even the most experienced physicians may sometimes overlook or discount the symptoms of a stroke. Similarly, they may prematurely discharge a young person as the stroke symptoms may get misdiagnosed as migraine, intoxication or vertigo. 

According to Everyday Health, a heart attack may get misdiagnosed. Different people get different feelings of a heart attack. However, some people may have a few symptoms of a heart attack. Besides, Rachel Begun, MS, RDN, states that most of the people who have celiac disease may be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other illnesses or conditions. The variations in the symptoms from one person to another may have contributed to the misdiagnosis. 

When one gets bitten by a tick, they may get a bacterial infection. The Lyme disease may result in symptoms such as fatigue, stiffness, fever, joint and muscle pain. A person may struggle for sometime before they get diagnosed accurately. Furthermore, a person may get diagnosed with fibromyalgia as it may get mistaken for rheumatic diseases.