Legal Malpractice Attorneys

At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates in San Bernardino, we believe in practicing law with integrity and diligence. We work hard to do right by the people we serve, and we take action against any lawyers whose negligence harms their clients. We have extensive combined experience handling legal malpractice claims for people throughout California’s Inland Empire.

The Definition Of Legal Malpractice

Simply getting a bad outcome in a legal matter is not legal malpractice. In the law, as in so many other things, there are always risks. There is often a possibility of a negative outcome. Legal malpractice is when the bad outcome is the result of an attorney acting negligently. The act of negligence can be something major, like the attorney failing to present a critical piece of evidence or call an important witness. Some examples of negligence are more subtle, like an attorney failing to object to something at trial.

Not all legal malpractice occurs in the courtroom. In fact, many cases of legal malpractice involve wrongful billing practices or other financial issues. Do you believe that you have been billed for work that was not done? This may be legal malpractice. Legal malpractice also frequently comes in the form of an attorney accepting a settlement in a medical malpractice, personal injury or another type of case without the client’s consent, or if the attorney fails to turn the settlement over to the client after it has been received.

As ethical attorneys skilled in negotiation and trial, we know how to identify instances of legal malpractice. If we determine that you have been wronged by your attorney, we will stand by your side to hold the attorney accountable and get you compensation.


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