Recreation Accidents

Accidents happen when we least expect them – even when participating in our favorite activities and pastimes.

There are numerous recreational activity options in the San Bernardino area. When company or facility’s negligence causes or contributes to an accident, it is important to hold the responsible parties accountable.

At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we represent people who have been injured in all types of recreation accidents. These accidents may have occurred at:

  • Jump parks
  • Swimming pools
  • Water parks
  • Gyms
  • Summer camps
  • Rock climbing facilities
  • Segway tours
  • Tour-led groups

These companies and facilities have a responsibility to ensure that visitors are safe. This means promptly addressing safety concerns such as broken equipment or liquid spills on floors. It may also mean supervising guests who are using special equipment or employing a lifeguard or security guard when needed.

If you have been injured in an accident where a property owner failed to take necessary safety precautions, you may be eligible for compensation.

When a facility uses products or equipments that are defective, the victim may have a claim against the product manufacture.

Did you sign a waiver? Some recreational facilities require visitors to sign a waiver to protect the facility from liability. However, victims may still have legal options. If this is the case in your situation, we urge you to talk to one of our attorneys.

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