Three workers were hospitalized after they were burned at the Tesla factory in northern California last week. Workplace accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and it is important for workers to be vigilant about their own safety in addition to the safety regulations of their workplace. Initially, the accident was reported as a fire, but the fire department confirmed that there was no fire or explosion. The Tesla Motors spokeswoman claimed that the workers were injured following a failure of an aluminum press, and they were injured by hot metal from that equipment.

One of the men suffered severe burns to his hands, and it is unclear at this time what his recovery will look like. For people who work in industry, the inability to use their hands as they once did can result in the loss of their job. Additionally, any expenses related to the injury sustained in the workplace ought to be covered by their workers’ compensation program.

The Tesla CEO claimed that there is too much attention paid to the company, both positive and negative. On the other hand, it is important for the media to report industrial and workplace accidents to remind people that they do occur. Additionally, these news stories remind employees and employers of the importance of the workers’ compensation system.

For those who have been injured at work due to faulty equipment or industrial accidents, or those who have been denied benefits through workers’ compensation, there are legal options available. The compensation gained can help to recover the wages lost during the healing process or as a result of their inability to return to their previous position.

Source: CBSLocal, “3 workers injured in accident at Fremont Tesla factory, CEO speaks out” No Author Given, Nov. 14, 2013