The ‘King of Pop’ and his tragic wrongful death suit are still in the midst of litigation in California. Michael Jackson’s mother has been on the forefront insisting that AEG Live was negligent in the death of her son in 2005. While the case was recently dismissed in the California Court of Appeals, Jackson’s mother and her lawyer released a statement that claiming that the Court of Appeals was wrong about the case and that they planned to appeal to the California Supreme Court. Jackson has been dubbed the “King of Pop” for his combined popularity, album sales and successful tour ticket sales.

The world was shocked and dismayed to hear of Jackson’s sudden death. In a separate court case, Jackson’s tour doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. This is due to the physician’s unregulated administration of the hospital grade anesthetic, propofol. Propofol is a very strong anesthetic that was apparently administered to Jackson in order to help him sleep. When not properly supervised with hospital staff and equipment, it can be fatal.

The physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter was employed for a company called AEG Live who Jackson’s mother claims should be held accountable for the physician’s access and administration to propofol. While a criminal conviction has already been affirmed in connection to this case, AEG Live would be held responsible in a financial way if convicted. It would also be considered a landmark case for wrongful death suits. This is because the two appeals in connection with this case would be overturned by the California Supreme Court.

Fans around the world mourned the death of their favorite performer. His life was certainly cut short and it is a huge loss for both the music world and Jackson’s family. Eyes will be on the California Supreme Court to hand down a just and final verdict in this wrongful death case. AEG Live could be convicted of negligence in connection with Jackson’s death.

Source: New York Daily News, “Michael Jackson’s mom plans to take wrongful death suit against AEG Live to the California Supreme Court,” Nancy Dillon, Feb. 27, 2015