A job in construction allows workers the opportunity to use their skills, strength and knowledge to build, create and reinforce buildings and make a living doing it. A career in this industry also has certain risks associated with it that many of those who hold a desk job will never face. There really is no limit as to the type of workplace injuries that can occur on a construction job site. However, there are a few types of injuries that stand out as more common than others.

Construction worker accidents represented 9 percent of all 3.3 million reported non-fatal injury and illness in 2009, according to the Center for Disease Control. Of these 300,000 or so reported injuries, 22 percent were related to falls at a construction site. Falls can happen at anytime, but in construction it is likely to happen on roofs, scaffolding or in the context of slip-and-fall type injuries. These types of falls at work could constitute a personal injury claim or workers’ compensation claim that, if won, can aid an injured victim with medical expenses rehabilitation costs.

Equipment-related injuries are also a real possibility at a construction site. With a variety of heavy machinery, one malfunction could put a worker at risk for a serious head or back injury. This is true even if the worker is wearing the proper safety equipment and following safety procedure.

Another possibility for injury at construction sites arises because there is usually flammable material around the site, and it could catch on fire, causing an explosion.

While there are many other possible causes that could cause workplace injuries, these are some very real dangers for construction workers. Government authorities believe that these injuries could be completely preventable and is working towards eradicating construction worker deaths. Until then, workers need to be aware of the dangers that are present in their daily work routine. That way, in case something happens, workers can be aware of all possible courses of action available to them.

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