Employees are hurt at work on a daily basis and for some of them, recovering from their injuries can be significantly difficult for a myriad of reasons. Not only do injured workers often experience debilitating physical pain, but some are no longer able to work and suffer financial difficulties due to lost wages and medical expenses. In San Bernardino, California, a workplace injury accident can have serious ramifications and if you are going through this, it is vital to appropriately address the situation right away. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we are committed to helping people who were injured at work understand their legal options and secure workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to by filing their claim correctly.

There are many reasons why people become a work accident victim and it is critical for people in this position to determine whether or not they are entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Across the country, workers may have to deal with unsafe working conditions or suffer an injury that was caused by repetitive stress. From a neck injury to a back injury, these accidents can lead to a great deal of physical pain and make it impossible for hard-working employees to continue performing the responsibilities that come with their job. Whether someone was hurt in a construction site accident or in the office, they should carefully assess the details of their circumstances and make sure they file workers’ compensation claims properly.

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