Every year, an unacceptable number of Americans pass away in accidents that never should have occurred. When a negligent party is responsible for the wrongful death of another, it is imperative for them to be held accountable. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we strive to provide solutions to our clients who are dealing with a wrongful death. In San Bernardino, and anywhere else in California, people who lose a loved one because of another’s negligence need to make sure that those responsible for causing the accident are held accountable.

From a fatal workplace accident to a fatal boating accident, there are many types of wrongful death accidents that happen. However, when someone passes away because of negligent behavior, those who are responsible cannot be let off the hook, regardless of the details surrounding the accident. After all, for families who have lost someone who was very close to them, the emotional pain and loss of companionship can make daily life incredibly tough, whether their loved one died at work or while on the road. If you have firsthand experience with this serious matter, you should explore each and every option and do everything you can to try and restore a sense of normalcy. For example, some people decide to file a lawsuit to receive compensation they are entitled to.

On the wrongful death section of our website, you can take a closer look at how we support people who have lost a loved one in an accident that never should have occurred in the first place.