Millions of Americans head to work every day and many do not expect to suffer an on-the-job injury. Unfortunately, workers’ injuries occur too frequently and present serious physical, emotional and financial consequences for people in San Bernardino, California, and throughout the United States. While many people are aware of the physical consequences of a workplace accident, such as a neck injury or a brain injury, it is also important for employers and employees to understand the financial impact of these accidents and look for ways to reduce the likelihood of an employee being hurt.

On their website, the U.S. Department of Labor published revealing information on the negative financial effects of workplace injuries. According to the DOL, workplace injuries are very costly for injured workers, their families and even the economy in various ways. For injured workers and their families, injuries can result in burdensome medical expenses and lost wages. Also, workers tend to earn less after an injury, even after they have recovered. Furthermore, an alarming number of injured workers who are eligible for workers’ compensation never even apply for benefits they were entitled to.

If you have been hurt at work, it is very important to understand all of your options and carefully identify the most ideal path forward. Whether your injury was caused by repetitive stress or a ladder fall, workplace injury cases are unique and require an individualized approach. Please understand that this material was written to provide helpful information on some of the financial consequences of workplace injuries and should not be taken as legal advice.