Whether someone is in a coma due to brain damage or suffers a head injury that requires long-term care, the outcomes may vary for people who experience brain trauma. Unfortunately, in San Bernardino, and across California, some people suffer head injuries that never should have taken place because of another person’s negligence. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we offer assistance to people who are going through this personally and help them do everything they can to recover.

When it comes to brain injuries, there are many causes. For example, someone may suffer a head injury after slipping on an unsafe surface in a restaurant or grocery store. Also, an alarming number of people suffer head injuries after being hit by a drunk or reckless driver. Regardless of the details involved, every head injury should be taken seriously, especially since the full consequences of an injury may not be known for some time.

From brain damage to costly medical expenses, brain injuries can make life incredibly hard. To make matters worse, some people may not experience symptoms after a head injury (such as amnesia) until a period of time has passed. If you have experienced a brain injury, you should do everything you can to move forward. For people who are dealing with the consequences of a head injury firsthand, remaining hopeful, understanding all options and focusing on recovery is key. On our personal injury page, you can read more on how we have helped clients who suffered a brain injury or have dealt with other types of injuries.