When an employee is hurt at work, their life could change in many ways. Not only do injuries sometimes cause tremendous pain and agony, but they turn life upside down in other areas also. For example, workers’ injuries could lead to lost wages, medical costs and other financial issues. In San Bernardino, California, workers who have been hurt on the job should review every available option as they attempt to move forward from the accident.

Investigators are looking into an accident involving an overpass, which recently took place on Highway 91. According to officials, part of the overpass collapsed while crews were at work. The deck of the bridge fell by more than a foot during the collapse and hit support beams, which then fell on people who were working.

The accident left nine workers injured, all of whom were under the bridge’s deck when the incident occurred. Three of the workers were critically injured and eight of them were still in the hospital the following day. One witness reportedly heard a loud sound when the overpass collapsed as well as crying afterward.

Throughout California, an alarming number of people have dealt with a workplace injury firsthand. For some, these injuries have led to a sense of hopelessness and a great deal of anxiety, but there are ways that employees may be able to find a return to normalcy. For example, some people are able to find firm financial footing by speaking to legal professional and filing suit.

Source: The Orange County Register, “9 workers hurt in partial overpass collapse on 91,” Ali Tadayon, Oct. 10, 2015