Each day, construction workers face many threats on the job. While accidents cannot always be prevented, some are the result of negligent behavior and it is pivotal for victims of construction accidents to stand up for themselves. In San Bernardino, and the rest of California, construction accidents have claimed an upsetting number of lives and caused an alarming number of injuries as well.

A construction worker who was working on the roof of a county jail in Florida recently lost his life. The accident happened at roughly 2:13 in the afternoon in Hattiesburg. The building was being renovated to transform the jail, which has not held prisoners since 2012, into a building that provides court-related services.

According to the coroner, the construction worker was at work on the building’s roof and fell off. Officials are awaiting the results of an autopsy but do not believe that foul play was involved. The identity of the victim has not been disclosed at this time.

For some people, deciding what to do after a construction accident can be tricky. As if physical pain and medical bills don’t make these accidents tough enough, some people are unsure of whether or not they should take legal action or are not interested in going to court. However, when a construction accident is caused by someone else’s negligent behavior, victims deserve justice. People who are ready to move on from a construction accident may want to think about how consulting a legal professional could help them.

Source: HattiesburgAmerican.com, “Construction worker dies at old Forrest Co. jail,” Haskel Burns, Dec. 4, 2015