From ladder falls on construction sites to repetitive motions that eventually lead to an injury, the circumstances surrounding workplace injury cases vary. Regardless of the details pertaining to an injury, life can be very difficult for workers who have hurt their back. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we work hard to help clients in San Bernardino and other California cities who have injured their back on the job.

If you are struggling with an injured back, we know all too well how difficult daily life can be. As if physical pain and hospital expenses aren’t challenging enough, some back injuries prevent people from working, leading to even more financial hardships. Sometimes, back injuries may affect workers for years to come and it is important for people in this position to identify the best path forward. Often, workers who have injured their back are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits that can help them recover. In some cases, employees may even decide to take legal action if their back injury was caused by the negligence of another. Whether you file for workers’ comp, file a lawsuit or decide to take another route, recovering from your injury and receiving benefits you are entitled to is essential.

Workers should also remember that some back injuries may take years to develop and focus on prevention, if possible. Unfortunately, back injuries and other types of injuries that happen in the workplace can’t always be prevented. For more, please refer to our page on workplace injuries, which provides helpful information for those who have hurt their back at work.