After a workplace injury, an employee may be unsure of how to move forward. Unfortunately, workplace injuries occur on a regular basis in San Bernardino, and across the entire state of California. On top of debilitating pain and time away from work, they may also be experiencing financial hardships and have no idea of which benefits are provided by workers’ compensation. If you are going through this, it is pivotal to find answers to any of your questions and identify the best path forward right away.

According to the Department of Industrial Relations, employees who are covered by workers’ compensation and suffer an injury on the job are entitled to a number of benefits. For example, workers’ comp insurance provides medical care that employers pay for, which can help you recuperate from an illness or injury that happened while working. Workers’ comp also provides temporary disability benefits for those who have lost wages during their recovery and permanent disability benefits for those who will never be able to return to work. For injuries that occurred in 2004 or later, workers’ compensation insurance also offers supplemental job displacement benefits to help workers build their skills or pursue additional training. Finally, workers’ comp insurance offers death benefits and issues payments to dependents and spouses following a job-related death.

If you were hurt at work and are protected by workers’ compensation, it is essential to recognize the benefits you are entitled to. This piece was put together for informational purposes and is not legal advice.