From broken bones to back injuries and brain trauma, there are a wide variety of injuries that employees suffer. When a worker is hurt in San Bernardino, or any other city in California, it is crucial for them to carefully examine their situation and address the injury properly. A number of options are available for some injured workers, such as workers’ compensation, which can help them recover from the accident.

A supermarket chain was recently cited by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration after an employee was injured while working. According to OSHA, the worker worker was cutting up meat when part of his finger was sliced off by the saw he was using. The company is accused of a safety violation as well as a repeat violation and could have to pay as much as $45,500.

After the accident, the company was investigated and officials found a number of problems. For example, there was no program concerning energy isolation on the floor of the building (inspections, training, etc.). Furthermore, the saw that the worker was using was not adjusted correctly.

On top of physical pain and lost wages due to being unable to work, employees who are injured on the job may experience many other hardships. For example, they may be unable to pay for medical costs incurred as a result of the injury or take care of family responsibilities. For some employees who suffered a workplace injury, reaching out to an experienced legal professional and discussing the details of their accident may be advantageous.

Source:, “OSHA cites Kroger for worker injury,” March 24, 2016