On-the-job accidents take many forms, from falling to those which involve chemical burns and repetitive strain. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are fatal. In California cities such as San Bernardino, construction workers and those employed in all sorts of other occupations often face an overwhelming number of risks at work. As a result, it is crucial for workers to take safety measures and identify any potential hazards. Furthermore, it is essential for those who are hurt at work to closely analyze their set of circumstances and figure out the best way forward.

Law enforcement officials in South Dakota say that a construction worker lost his life after falling roughly 35 feet while he was working. The man, whose name has not yet been released, passed away due to injuries sustained in the fall after he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Authorities say that the adult victim was working in Watertown when he fell from a roof at the job site. The accident took place on a Thursday morning at the Watertown Recreation Center.

Workplace accidents take place for many reasons and some of them could not have been prevented. However, when someone is seriously hurt or loses their life in a mishap that was caused by another person’s negligence (such as their employer or a co-worker), it is vital for them to consider every option on the table. Sometimes, it is smart for people who are going through this to speak with an experienced legal professional for a better understanding of how to move forward. 

Source: KSFY, “Worker killed in Watertown construction accident,” April 21, 2016