When children suffer a traumatic brain injury, their life may be affected in various ways. Unfortunately, these injuries cause some kids to experience lasting damage in San Bernardino, and across California. For the parents of children, as well as those who are responsible for watching children, preventing these injuries is crucial. Unfortunately, some TBIs are caused by another person’s negligence or faulty playground equipment, among other problems.

After evaluating data from 2005 through 2013, researchers discovered that traumatic brain injury diagnoses following playground accidents have become more prevalent in recent years among children less than 14 years of age. In fact, more than 50 percent of the children diagnosed with a TBI during this time frame were between the ages of five and nine, while 58.6 percent were boys.

According to the writers of a recent study, there are a number of reasons why TBI diagnoses have become more common. In addition to greater knowledge regarding the seriousness of TBIs among physicians and parents, children have also been spending more time on playgrounds across the country. Researchers also said that monkey bars and swings played a role in most of the traumatic brain injuries.

For those who have suffered a TBI, recovery should be priority number one. Sometimes, it is necessary to hold those responsible for a TBI accountable, such as employers who fail to address jobsite hazards. People who are going through these hardships may want to talk about their situation with a legal professional.

Source: ABC News, “More Children Are Suffering Traumatic Brain Injuries at the Playground, Study Says,” Gillian Mohney, May 2, 2016