When workers are hurt, they may experience a variety of changes in life. For example, an injured employee may no longer be able to perform their job responsibilities or return to the position they held prior to the injury. In San Bernardino, California, workplace injuries can also make life complicated for the families of employees who suffer an injury. Sometimes, these injuries can cause a host of financial hardships (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) that make recovery even more of an uphill battle.

An accident that recently occurred on a jobsite in Virginia left an employee injured. The worker was burnt due to steam and is currently staying at a medical center, according to the United Steelworkers Union. A spokesperson for the company the employee worked for said that after the incident, which is still being investigated, the employee went to a jobsite hospital before driving home. However, the worker later checked in to a nearby medical center.

The plant is also dealing with another jobsite accident that recently occurred. Shortly before the employee was burnt, a worker lost his life in an incident which occurred on the job. Two additional fatalities have also been reported at the plant in the previous year, which prompted the facility to recently close for a short period of time.

After a workplace injury, employees should immediately assess their circumstances. If another’s negligence played a role, they could consider connecting with an attorney who can help them decide which steps they may want to take next.

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