In the state of California, every employer with one or more employees is required to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their workers. In San Bernardino County, and other areas throughout the Golden State, it is especially important for you to understand workers’ comp requirements if you suffer an injury in the workplace and are counting on the benefits to help with medical expenses, lost wages and recovering from the injury.

According to the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, the workers’ comp system in California is no-fault. In other words, you do not need to prove that another person was responsible for your injury to receive benefits. Previously, lawsuits concerning employer negligence were widespread, but this is no longer the case since employees now have no-fault workers’ compensation insurance.

If you have encountered any problems when trying to obtain workers’ compensation benefits that you know you are entitled to, or that you think you may be eligible to receive, you should immediately explore your options and ensure that your rights are not trampled on. From financial distress to physical pain and emotional trauma, jobsite accidents can be incredibly challenging in different ways. Fortunately, workers’ comp helps injured workers from all walks of life (and their family members also) and is a crucial lifeline for many who are trying to move forward from a workplace injury.

This material was written to provide useful information on receiving workers’ compensation benefits and you should not interpret it as a substitute for legal guidance.