In California, employers are required to provide employees with workers’ comp insurance, according to the Department of Industrial Relations. In fact, employers must have workers’ comp insurance even if their company only employs one person. In San Bernardino, and other cities across the state, workers’ compensation may be a lifeline for you if you are ever injured on the job and it is pivotal for your employer to give you the coverage you count on.

If you ever suffer a job-related illness or are hurt while you are at work, there are a number of ways that workers’ compensation may be able to help you. Not only does workers’ comp provide temporary disability payments and permanent disability benefits, but it also offers health coverage and may help you return to work. Furthermore, if you ever lose your life on the job, your family could gain access to death benefits.

Typically, workers’ comp cases are resolved fairly and efficiently. That said, your employer may disagree with you regarding your workers’ comp claim. For example, they may say that you weren’t hurt at work. Regrettably, an unacceptable number of employers have broken the law by failing to abide by workers’ compensation requirements. If you ever find yourself in a position where you are eligible for workers’ comp and need the benefits to move forward, do not allow your rights as an employee to be trampled on.

This piece was compiled to provide useful information on workers’ compensation and does not constitute legal counsel.