Many people are aware of work injuries involving dangerous machinery and other jobsite hazards. However, it is important to keep in mind that jobsite accidents in San Bernardino and other cities in California can take all sorts of forms. For example, people may be hit by a company vehicle, or involved in an unusual on-the-job incident. However, the consequences associated with such accidents can be just as severe. For example, victims of these accidents may struggle with an inability to pay for medical costs, forced to spend time away from work, experience significant pain or even lose their life.

A man was recently taken to a hospital after he was hurt while working at a bus station in Tennessee.  The worker, who was employed by Greyhound, was hit by one of the company’s buses in Nashville. Law enforcement officials say that he had minor injuries as a result of the accident.

Following the accident, authorities were not sure why the bus hit the employee. However, it is believed that the injured worker will be okay, according to one official. The accident happened at roughly 1 a.m.

Job-related injuries frequently leave workers and their loved ones with a great deal of suffering. Whether they experience financial, physical or emotional consequences, these accidents can make life incredibly hard. As a result, employees who are in this situation should carefully evaluate their set of circumstances and may want to think about discussing the accident with a legal professional who knows how to handle these types of cases properly.

Source: The Tennesseean, “Greyhound employee injured by bus,” Natalie Neysa Alund, June 21, 2016