If you are exposed to dangerous situations at work, it is crucial to understand your rights and address any violations immediately. After all, workplace accidents can make your life tremendously difficult in a myriad of ways, potentially resulting in loss of life, injuries that cause permanent problems and financial issues, to name a few. In San Bernardino, and every other city in California, dangerous work conditions must be dealt with before they claim lives or cause injuries.

According to the State Bar of California, there are a number of things that you are allowed to do if you are working in dangerous conditions. For starters, you have the right to a workplace that is safe and you could have the right to legally turn down certain types of work that you think are dangerous without being punished by your employer.

On the job, there are many hazards you should watch out for, such as toxic chemicals that may lead to cancer and dangerous materials. Furthermore, your employer is required to warn you about these hazards before you are exposed to them. Employers who fail to abide by these regulations may be penalized and even required to close, in some cases.

If you believe that violations are present in your workplace, you can anonymously ask inspectors from the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to take a look at the job site. Please understand that this material was written to inform you of your rights concerning workplace hazards and is not to be taken as legal counsel.