From falling debris to harmful chemicals, you may face a number of risks if you work in the construction industry. That said, electrocution can be especially dangerous and turn your life upside down in multiple ways. If you were electrocuted at work, you should stay focused on recovery and review any tools that are available to help you restore a sense of normalcy. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, our San Bernardino, California law firm is very familiar with the dangers that electrical workers and others who work in construction face each day.

There are a plethora of ways that you may be electrocuted on the job, according to the Department of Industrial Relations. For example, you may work with electricity around water, use damaged equipment or come into contact with an exposed wire. While there are many ways that you can suffer from electrical shock, the outcome can completely change your life. Aside from burns or a permanent disability, electrocution can also prove fatal.

When it comes to electrocution, your ability to recover will depend on the extent of the injury. Even if you are fortunate to survive an accident, you could be left with a disability that leaves you unable to work or you could have a hard time paying medical costs that you incurred after being electrocuted. Whether you look into taking legal action to hold a negligent individual accountable or apply for workers’ comp, you should do everything in your power to recuperate.

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