When people think of work-related injuries, they may picture ladder falls and other incidents which have consequences that are immediately visible. However, there all sorts of injuries that happen over time and often take years to recognize, such as repetitive strain injuries and hearing loss. In San Bernardino, California, these injuries may also present a number of hardships that upend a worker’s life. For example, someone who has suffered hearing damage may have difficulty performing their job responsibilities and their quality of life may decline.

Across the country, more workers suffer hearing loss than any other type of occupational injury, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. Those who work in manufacturing, mining and construction account for many of the people who experience hearing problems. That said, hearing loss is a serious problem in other industries as well. Every year, roughly 22 million people are around dangerous levels of noise while working.

For workers who are concerned about hearing loss, focusing on prevention is imperative. Those who are near noisy equipment or around loud sounds should understand the importance of hearing protection. Moreover, it is crucial to wear hearing protection whenever any level of noise presents a risk. Sometimes, workers wear hearing protection around extremely loud sounds, but ignore the risks when working around more modest noises.

A worker who suffers hearing loss may have various questions and be unsure of their options and how to handle their set of circumstances. In some cases, people in this position are able to secure workers’ compensation benefits. For many, talking to an attorney can help.

Source: The Gazette, “Most common workplace injury: Hearing loss,” Sept. 29, 2016