While many people envision construction sites when they think of workplace accidents, it is important to remember that on-the-job mishaps occur in all types of industries. Sadly, these accidents sometimes prove fatal or leave workers with serious injuries. In San Bernardino, and all cities in California, those who have suffered broken bones, brain damage or any other types of injuries while working should look into all of the resources that are available to help them move forward.

From 1990 until present, over 150 people have suffered injuries that changed their lives and no less than 43 people have lost their lives while working on set in the United States, according to the Associated Press. However, the AP believes the actual number may be higher. For example, a database maintained by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was missing a high-profile death in which an actor was accidentally shot.

Those employed in the film industry face a number of threats, whether they work in front of or behind the camera. From ladder falls and burns to back injuries and motor vehicle accidents, mishaps in the motion picture business can leave workers with a wide variety of problems.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation can help many victims of jobsite accidents restore a bit of normalcy. In addition to medical benefits, help with financial issues and job training, workers’ comp also provides death benefits to families whose lives have been thrown upside down after a family member’s death. For injured workers and their families, consulting an attorney after a jobsite accident could be a smart move.

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