Whether someone loses their life because they were prescribed the wrong medication or involved in an accident at work that was caused by malfunctioning machinery, there are many examples of wrongful death. However, large truck accidents are a major cause of fatalities that could have been prevented in San Bernardino, and other California cities.

Some deadly truck wrecks are caused by a trucker who was suffering from fatigue or intoxicated due to alcohol consumption. Furthermore, negligent truck companies may fail to maintain and inspect large trucks, leading to brake problems and other issues that threaten the lives of truck drivers and everyone else on the road.

Any type of traffic accident can be perilous, but crashes involving semi trucks, buses and other large trucks are often particularly dangerous. After all, large truck drivers may have difficulty slowing down and the sheer size of the vehicles they drive often cause serious injuries and claim lives when they collide with other vehicles. Sadly, many people have passed away because of the poor decisions made by truck companies and truck drivers.

If someone who was close to you died because of the negligence of another, they deserve justice. You may be experiencing a myriad of challenges following your loved one’s passing, such as profound emotions and financial troubles brought on by a significant decrease in household income or funeral costs. However, it is important to review your legal rights and address your circumstances swiftly. Our wrongful death page provides additional information related to fatal truck collisions.