While many construction accidents involve falling or dangerous machinery, it is vital to keep in mind that some accidents involve unseen dangers. In San Bernardino, and on all job sites across California, toxic gases and chemicals can result in significant injuries and even claim a construction worker’s life. Sadly, many workers who are hurt or pass away after being exposed to carbon monoxide or another dangerous gas were simply performing their job responsibilities and had no way of knowing the gas was present.

An incident that recently happened on a job site in Berkeley left three construction workers with injuries. Fire department officials said that the workers were hurt after they were exposed to a significant amount of carbon monoxide. However, the source of the gas and the extent of their injuries were not revealed.

After the workers were exposed, they were sent to the hospital for treatment. Officials claim that the exposure was caused by activities related to construction, but did not disclose the time of day that the exposure took place.

For construction workers, injuries can lead to all sorts of challenges. Not only do injured workers often experience a tremendous amount of pain, but they may face financial problems brought on by lost wages or medical expenses. Fortunately, some are able to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives by applying for workers’ compensation. Injured workers who are facing these difficulties should examine their options and may want to have discussions with a qualified legal professional.

Source: KRON4, “3 construction workers taken to the hospital after suffering carbon monoxide exposure in Berkeley,” Dec. 30, 2016