Whether someone suffers due to a surgical error or a medical professional’s failure to diagnose, there are many examples of medical malpractice. However, medication errors are especially widespread and have affected people in San Bernardino, California, and all across the U.S. A significant number of people take prescription medication for various reasons and it is crucial for them to recognize how medication errors occur and take steps to prevent them. In fact, many of these errors that take place involve drug labeling.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some consumers fail to pay close attention to the data found on over-the-counter drugs. However, this is also a problem for some who take prescription medication as well. By overlooking information about the drug, people may take an incorrect dose, fail to store the medication properly or fail to follow the instructions. Moreover, medical professionals may have difficulty reading labels, which can lead to errors.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality warns that patients should find answers to any questions they have regarding the instructions on their drug labels. For example, if a patient does not understand when they are supposed to take their medicine properly, they may accidentally consume too much of the drug, which can result in serious health consequences. Medication errors may also occur because two different drugs have a very similar name, leading to the accidental prescription of an incorrect medication. Sadly, these mistakes can result in serious injuries and may even cause patients to lose their lives.