When someone is involved in an occupational transportation accident, various challenges may lie ahead. Often, these crashes lead to serious physical pain, financial hardships and even the loss of life. In San Bernardino, California, and elsewhere in the U.S., it is essential for employees and employers to understand the prevalence and impact of occupational transportation accidents.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, motor vehicle accidents claim a life every 12 minutes, on average. Unfortunately, many of these fatalities take place while people are working, whether they drive a semi truck, a taxi, a delivery vehicle or are running errands. For employers, on-the-job transportation accidents are often very costly, especially if a worker loses his or her life. While fatal occupational transportation accidents can cost an employer more than $500,000, those which result in an injury cost employers $74,000, on average.

Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics sheds light on the prevalence of fatal occupational transportation accidents. Over the course of each year, over 1,700 people pass away as a result of these accidents. Moreover, transportation accidents were responsible for two out of five deadly work-related injuries during 2013.

All workers are entitled to a safe workplace, which includes those who operate a vehicle or are required to ride in a vehicle as part of their job responsibilities. Furthermore, those who are concerned about on-the-job dangers or their employer’s violations can file a complaint with OSHA and are protected from retaliation. After sustaining a work-related injury, workers should familiarize themselves with different resources that may help.