As a patient, you may be subjected to various forms of medical malpractice and doctor mistakes. However, if you take prescription medication, you should be especially vigilant when it comes to the drugs you consume. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, our law firm knows how upsetting medication errors can be for patients and their loved ones in San Bernardino, and California’s other cities.

Whether you take the wrong medication or are prescribed a dangerous dose, you could be injured in various ways, depending on the drugs you are taking. For example, you may have an overdose or a dangerous reaction to a medication that your body does not respond to well. Moreover, medical professionals may fail to take into account other drugs you are taking, resulting in a dangerous interaction.

In some cases, medication errors can even lead to the loss of a person’s life. When this happens, their entire family may be left with lifelong emotional struggles, financial problems and other serious setbacks. Unfortunately, these errors and other types of medical malpractice happen for many reasons across the country. Sometimes, medical professionals rush, while others may lack the proper training or experience. When it comes to prescription medication, errors may occur because two drugs sound similar or a physician’s handwriting is illegible, among other reasons.

If a negligent medical professional’s mistakes have resulted in your suffering, you should not be afraid to seek justice. As you try to move forward, you may have different resources available and should carefully examine all of your choices.

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