If you are an electrician, or work on construction sites in any capacity, you should always be aware of the dangers that are present. From broken equipment to falls and being struck by debris, construction accidents in San Bernardino take many forms. That said, electrocution is particularly problematic and is a major cause of construction worker deaths across California. Because of the serious nature of electrical accidents, it is important to recognize some of the common electrical dangers that you may face.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration drew attention to multiple electrical hazards that are present on many construction sites. For example, workers should be aware of power lines and tools that have become defective. Other risks include wires with poor insulation, circuits that are overloaded, electrical parts that have become exposed and insufficient wiring. Furthermore, all of these hazards are even more dangerous in wet environments.

Different steps can be taken to address these risks and help prevent electrical accidents, such as ensuring that electrical workers are properly trained, examining circuit breakers and fuses and regularly inspecting all equipment. For example, an extension cord or power tool that has become frayed may lead to electrical shock.

Although workers can take steps to avoid electrocution, some of these accidents are the result of another person’s behavior or otherwise unpreventable. Victims of electrocution may lose their lives or face physical and financial problems and it is pivotal for them to look into any resources which may help, such as workers’ compensation.