From white collar jobs to construction sites and agricultural work, all employers have a responsibility to ensure that all steps have been taken to protect worker safety. While some workplace accidents would have been impossible to see coming, others take place as a result of unaddressed dangers in the workplace, carelessness and negligence. In San Bernardino, and in all other cities throughout California, some of these accidents can even prove fatal.

A 27-year-old man recently lost his life in an accident that took place on a berry farm in California. According to a spokesperson for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, the man’s employer was recently fined for not keeping thorough records of jobsite illnesses and injuries. Furthermore, his employer faced fines for not offering shade to people who were working in temperatures over 80 degrees.

The man was determined to have lost his life at the scene of the accident, which occurred around 9 a.m. Moreover, he was found lifeless beneath equipment that he was using a tractor to tow. The coroner’s office states that the worker passed away due to head trauma.

For families, work accidents that claim lives or cause severe injuries can be extremely difficult. To make matters worse, it can be very upsetting to know that the accident could have been avoided if the proper safety precautions had been taken. For those who are personally struggling with a work-related injury and family members whose loved one died in an on-the-job mishap, discussing their circumstances with a legal professional could be the way to go.

Source: Ventura County Star, “Officials identify worker who died in Somis farm accident,” John Scheibe, Apr. 21, 2017