Various forms of medical malpractice have been examined on this blog, including surgical mistakes, medication errors and misdiagnosis. However, failure to diagnose is another serious problem that you or someone close to you may encounter. If you are struggling with the repercussions associated with a medical professional’s failure to diagnose your condition, you need to assess your options instantly. The San Bernardino lawyers of Kampf, Schiavone & Associates know the multitude of troubles that victims of this major problem often face in California and across the whole country.

A physician’s failure to diagnose an illness or health condition can affect patients from all backgrounds and in a variety of situations. For example, a doctor may not diagnose a pregnant woman’s preeclampsia, which can lead to the death the mother or her child, among other problems. Or, a medical professional may fail to diagnose a brain injury, cancer, or a number of other conditions.

Sadly, failing to diagnose an illness or condition can have permanent repercussions for victims and their entire families. Even for those who do not lose their lives, an array of challenges may arise, from physical pain and anxiety to medical bills and a significantly worsened condition. Because of the serious nature of this form of medical malpractice, physicians who fail to diagnose patients appropriately must be held answerable for the suffering they have caused.

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