If you will soon undergo a medical procedure or have a loved one who is going to spend time in the hospital for any reason, you may have a variety of worries. For example, you could be concerned about the long-term outlook of a particular health condition or the financial cost of medical treatment. Unfortunately, In San Bernardino, and other sections of California, adverse events occur at an unacceptable rate and sometimes leave patients with serious health problems or even claim lives. It may be helpful to understand why these events occur, especially if you are worried about medical professional negligence.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, adverse events have a multitude of causes. For example, an adverse event may happen because a medical professional has worked for too many hours and accidentally administers an incorrect medication or the wrong dose. In some cases, inexperienced medical workers cause these events to happen, while others may occur due to a lack of proper equipment. From failing to follow procedures to rushing and poor communication, adverse events will continue to happen in medical facilities across the country.

Sadly, these events often make life physically, financially and emotionally challenging for victims. If you have suffered because of an error or negligent medical behavior that never should have occurred, you should not be afraid to stand up for your patient rights. Medical negligence continues to happen far too much and those who are responsible for inflicting preventable suffering because of carelessness must be held answerable.