In order to avoid work zone accidents, as well as all other types of on-the-job accidents, it is vital for employees to develop a firm understanding of the risks they may encounter. Not only do workers need to know the potential dangers they may come across in San Bernardino, and across all of California’s regions, but they should also be aware of other factors that may increase the chances of an accident. For example, the time of week or the time of day may play a role in an accident that occurs in a work zone.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, more deadly work zone accidents took place during 2014 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, in comparison to other days of the week. Moreover, these fatal accidents were more common during May through September than other months of the year. Furthermore, 35 percent of these deadly accidents occurred at night, while 65 percent took place during the day.

Based on this data from 2014, it becomes clear that work zone accidents are more likely to happen at certain times. However, workers should keep in mind that something can go wrong at any time when they are on the job. After sustaining an injury at work, it is vital for those who are struggling with hospital costs, physical pain, or any other hardships to take a look at resources that can help them recover. For many, workers’ compensation benefits make a world of difference and can help workers who suffered an injury move forward in their lives.