On this blog, many of the hazards that construction workers face have been discussed. However, it is important to keep in mind that those who work in all occupations may face certain dangers on the job. If you work in the health care industry, there are a number of potentially risky situations you may find yourself in and it is essential to be prepared. In San Bernardino, and all other California areas, it is also crucial for those who become hurt or ill due to a workplace incident to explore different resources that can help.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention goes over some of the different hazards that health care workers face on a regular basis. In fact, the health care industry has one of the highest rates of non-fatal workplace injuries and illness, according to the CDC. Sometimes, health care workers become sick after catching a contagious illness from a patient. However, there are many other reasons why people who work in this field are hurt or fall ill. Those who work in health care may sustain an injury after being exposed to a dangerous drug or chemical, cutting themselves on objects that are sharp, or because they came into contact with something they are allergic to, such as latex. Moreover, workers may experience severe stress or be subjected to violence.

If you work in health care, or any other occupation, you should handle a workplace injury or illness appropriately. In fact, workers’ compensation may be able to help you move on.