With regard to injuries that occur at work, there are many different factors to consider. In San Bernardino, and across California, workers sustain a wide variety of injuries and illnesses while carrying out their job duties. If you have suffered an injury and are interested in workers’ compensation benefits, it is important to understand when injuries are considered work-related, since this is required in order to qualify for workers’ comp.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that your injury or illness must be the result of you being exposed to something harmful in the workplace or a dangerous event that occurred in your work environment. Furthermore, if you had a pre-existing illness or injury and it was seriously aggravated by something that occurred in your work environment, this may also be considered work-related.

On an annual basis, workers who are employed in diverse fields and from a variety of backgrounds are seriously hurt or fall ill due to incidents that occur while they are on the job. For these workers, going after benefits which can help them move on with their lives is pivotal. Many people who sustain work-related injuries and illnesses are able to get back on their feet and prevent their loved ones from experiencing additional challenges by applying for workers’ comp and receiving the benefits that they are in need of.

While this post offers general information on workers’ compensation, it is crucial to realize that this material does not serve as a substitute for legal recommendations.