Many of the blog posts we have posted have covered various risks that are present on construction sites and work environments in a variety of other fields. However, there are additional concerns that workers may have, especially if they are employed in certain lines of work. For example, a worker may be more likely to sustain an injury while working during the summer months in San Bernardino, and in other California locations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a survey found on-the-job injuries went up during the summertime. While the prevalence of work-related injuries increased over the course of the summer, it started to drop in the fall, before significantly falling in November and December, according to the survey results. Moreover, researchers took into consideration the increase in the number of people working and the seasonal nature of employment to prevent this factor from skewing the results.

From severe and relentless heat to an increase in traffic congestion, there are different possible explanations for the rise in work injuries during summer months. If you work in an outdoor environment, such as a farm, road work zone, or construction site, you may have an especially high risk of becoming hurt during summertime.

As a result, you should do what you can to protect yourself and avoid becoming injured. Furthermore, you should not forget that work accidents take place during all times of year. In the event that a workplace injury or illness does occur, you should not wait to examine any resources that can help out, including workers’ compensation.